mama told me to leave a good impression

Whitney French is a creative, passionate, community-minded leader that uses her artistic talents to inspire, invoke change and question the status quo. Her rapport with organizations, stakeholders and community members exudes professionalism and [she has] a firm commitment to meeting the diverse needs of everyone she interacts with. After working with her, you will be elevated either artistically, emotionally,or socially and motivated to think bigger. Whitney is force to be reckoned with.
— Letecia Rose, Operations Manager at Nia Centre for the Arts
200 out of 100. Absolutely amazing
— Grade 10 Participant
Whitney’s editing suggestions completely saved my essay. Working with her is comfortable and inspiring. She digs deep when she needs to and isn’t afraid to school you when you need a little schoolin’! Whitney is a master at helping to add layers to the work. My experience working with other editors just doesn’t compare.
— Chelene Knight: Managing Editor of Room
Like lobsters [students] came out of their shells. Relaxed and inspiring
— Seymour Glass, Teacher from Digby High School
I had a one-on-one session with Whitney—she listened to me about my story and just asked the right questions. I concluded some things about my work that I never considered before. She encourages us, she’s enthusiastic, and she sees so much potential in us
— Aspiring Writer
Whitney has been very supportive. She will always try to answer questions we have and makes it known that she can be reached most times if we want to contact her about our writing or even give feedback.
— Participant
I thought it was fun and nice seeing people coming out of their shells and comfort zones. I liked how I didn’t feel judged and I wasn’t afraid. I’m not the biggest fan of poetry but this opened my mind up more to it. Great job!
— Grade 12 Participant
You are like a collector. You sitting there collecting [writing] techniques to share with other people. It’s beautiful
— Writing While Black Participant