Flying Through February, Embrace the Cold (February Newsletter 2018)

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embrace the cold.jpg

I don't like the cold. At all.

But with all the events and workshops and other things that keep me busier than usual, this frigid weather offers a type of quite that is really inviting.

I went for a walk in the snow, bundled up tight and tried to...embrace the cold. And it was actually beautiful hearing only the crunching snow beneath my boot. It was magical being greeted by the sun. Slowing down my pace whenever I can restores balance in my life. As a tree climber and forest walker, I have to at least be a little bit open to winter strolls.

And I'm glad I'm doing it.

That's all I got for February, feel free to send me your happenings! I wanna know how youwarm up in this cold weather.

Please note, there will be no newsletter for March 2018. I am trying to be gentle with myself: March I will be traveling to a Northern Cree community, and I'll be packing up my apartment and I'll be rushing to complete the manuscript for "Black Writing Matters". Needless to say, my plate is beyond full for that month. Thanks in advance for understanding. Catch you in April!