Over the Mountain in October (October Newsletter 2017)

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I've gotta take on some mountains this month.
Even when I'm not ready for it, I gotta go for it.

October is always elusive for me. I adore autumn, hands down my favourite month, but October is always an especially delicate month for me in my personal life. There are shadows of events that I have tried to push past but October pulls me back to that place. It's also the business-versary of Whitney French Writes, and when my first quarter begins. It's never one emotion with October, it is mountainous, I've come to accept. 

The thing I noticed while hiking in Banff for long periods of time is the way that my legs respond to hard impact with the ground. Continuous and relentless force. And I'm heaving through because of that peak, that apex is the goal. So that too is delicate and mountainous and a whole lot of weight and surreal energy and looming shadows in my everyday. It's hard to shake. My mantra to myself, a la Happy Business New Year, is to be a badass. 

Climbing up a huge mountain…feel like a badass
Cranking out tonnes of workshops…feel like a badass
Listening to my intuition and chillin' out…feel like —

So I'm looking for space in my mind to let balance be part of my mantra too. To be reminded to catch my breath a bit. I'm going to make it to the top. Hopefully. It's just at a pace that serves me best. 

How do you pace yourself in your busy (or not so busy life). I'm curious to know what is successful for you when you are up again a scary mountain. Does breathing deeply help? Maybe having a climbing buddy? Or even planning out the hike so you don't burn out.

Either way, I love love love hearing from you. Let's stay connected. Let's keep climbing, fam.

Until next time,