So Long Summer, Send in September (September Newsletter 2017)

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Autumn is my favourite season. Many mourn the end of summer but I welcome fall weather. I also welcome a chance to cool down and keep things consistent. I do admit this summer has been tricky and as a result I have not been as consistent with my newsletters as I want to be. At first, I got down on myself, then I got anxious when a month and a half would pass. Then I stopped and tried to remember, why did I start this newsletter in the first place?


I (used to) love sitting down and getting geared up for my newsletters. Somewhere along the way, it became a habit. A chore. But I lost sight of the purpose. I get to share with you dear reader, not just about what's happening with me, but also what's happening with you. So I want to usher in the new season with lightness and gratitude to everyone who's followed so far. Look at all the loving messages I've received in my inbox from real readers like you:


Write here…


I adore you all. Every like, open, comment brings life to the work and re-reminds me that this is how I connect with others. This newsletter is a blessing and I have been fortunate to be sharing and building meaningful connections when folks since 2012. After reading these amazing responses, I am falling back in love with my newsletters and I am recommitting myself to being consistent. And I'm always down for more responses, more feedback, and love on your end...if you feel compelled to.

Is there something that you do, either artistically or professionally that you used to love but it has become a chore? How can you fall back in love with that thing? How can we practice consistency together? Until October (and maybe even sooner) I'm out...

Frenchie hugs!